Case Studies

Cardiff University

We supplied an Electrical Power System Trainer and a range of Power System Laboratory equipment.

Power Systems Trainer Cardiff University

TecQuipment was very pleased to be associated with a world leading laboratory for undergraduate teaching and post-graduate research following the installation, commissioning and training of our Power Systems Trainer at Cardiff University –Cardiff School of Engineering.

The equipment includes the PSS1 Power Systems Trainer and the PSS3 Second Generator.

These will be used by some of the leading research groups in the UK including:

  • The Institute of Advanced Materials and Energy Systems
  • The High Voltage Research Centre of Excellence
  • Electrical Energy Tech Research Group
  • Centre for Integrated Renewable Energy Generation and Supply

Cardiff University are at the forefront of developing new and more efficient ways of utilising the electrical power generated by the National Grid and we take great pride in playing a part in the future development of our Electrical Power Generation Industry.