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pslhb - Ancillary

Modular Power System Hub

PDF datasheet

Allows easy connection of two or more modules of TecQuipment’s Modular Power System.

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Modular Power System Hub

This unit is the ‘hub’ of the Modular Power System. It is needed to connect two or more of the modules together.

When connected to a suitable mains supply, the hub provides power for each part of the Modular Power System. It also links the electrical test circuits so students do not need to use long test leads between modules.

The hub links the emergency stop buttons of each connected module to give better safety in the laboratory.

The user can select from a choice of two emergency stop settings:

  • One setting stops the power to only the affected module of the Modular Power System, leaving the others still powered.
  • The other setting stops the power to all modules of the Modular Power System.

The emergency stop setting switch is a keyswitch to prevent unauthorised use.

  • Allows easy connection of power and test circuits between each of the Modular Power System units
  • Gives more options to arrange the modules in your laboratory, for better use of space
  • Removes the need for students to use long leads to link test circuits between modules
  • Links the emergency stop switches of each of the Modular Power System units for improved laboratory safety
  • Needs only one electrical supply cable for the whole Modular Power System
  • Includes multicore cables for simple and tidy arrangement
  • Makes installation easy
  • Full range of safety features incorporated throughout


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