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University of Trinidad and Tobago

Delivering state-of-the-art power systems training to future engineers in the Caribbean.

We supplied the Electrical Power Systems Trainer and SCADA.

Utt Power System Install

The University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) aims to produce highly trained and qualified technological personnel to meet the needs of the country. In 2004, TecQuipment delivered, installed and commissioned one of our largest, most sophisticated and successful products into the university. The equipment, a Power Systems Trainer, was the first of its kind in the region. Funded through the Caribbean Development Bank, it allows the university to achieve full accreditation for its Engineering degree programme.

A key aim of the University of Trinidad and Tobago (UTT) is to meet the country’s increasing demand for a highly trained and qualified technological manpower base. As technology has changed over the years to suit the evolving global environment, so too have the human resource needs of Trinidad and Tobago. 

Before delivering the product, some key staff from UTT visited TecQuipment at their head office in the UK. Here, they received full training on the effective implementation and use of the product. 

Training Certificate Award
Simon Woods presenting training certificate to Moti Ramsingh

The Power Systems Trainer was developed in close consultation with academia, including a leading, world-renowned expert in power systems who delivered some of the training. For their future reference, the equipment was supplied with fully comprehensive teaching, technical and support material written specifically to ensure users at all levels get the very best from the equipment.

When the product reached UTT, TecQuipment fully installed and commissioned the product, ensuring it was running to UTT’s complete satisfaction before leaving it in their hands. UTT had set aside a room which was to be used solely for power systems training using the Power Systems Trainer. 

Lecturers and qualified technicians were familiarised with the equipment to ensure they could use and maintain it in the years to come. In addition, TecQuipment included a parts and labour agreement with the product, so that in the unlikely event of any problem occurring, a call to TecQuipment’s dedicated Customer Care Manager would be the first step in getting a quick, effective and convenient resolution.

The Power Systems Trainer has been in successful operation at UTT since October 2004, and has helped many students achieve their academic and training goals.

Recently, John Joseph, Lecturer in Electrical Engineering at UTT, said: 

“After using TecQuipment’s Power Systems Trainer for some time, we are exceptionally pleased with its quality, operation and functionality. It really does embody all elements of a full electrical power system with a high concentration on educational value throughout the product design. This is a very effective teaching aid for power engineers.”

TecQuipment is sure this product will be of great educational value to the university for many years to come. Meanwhile, TecQuipment continues to develop its leading range of Electrical Power Systems teaching products, as well as technical teaching products in many other areas.

University of Trinidad and Tobago have fantastic facilities and have continued to expand and develop since this project back in 2004.  If you would like to find out more about their Utilities Programmes in the Engineering Department, find out more on UTT's website.

If you wish to discuss your laboratory requirements for electrical power systems training, contact our team of specialists to help shape your future facilities.