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Power Systems Training

Advanced technical training equipment for all elements of a power system: Generation, Transformation, Transmission, Distribution, Utilisation and Protection.

Offers the capability for hands-on experience on a laboratory-scaled electrical power system and an understanding of all the complexities needed for industry.  Hardware and software additions of a second generator and a SCADA system, makes TecQuipment’s Electrical Power System range the most complete and advanced training equipment on the market.

Industrial Standard Components

All equipment in the Power Systems range include industrial standard relays, meters and components within them; providing trainees with real-world experience.


Power Electronics
Electrical Power Systems
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Engineering Training Equipment

TecQuipment has a complete suite of equipment covering engineering topics, such as Aerodynamics, Thermodynamics and Process Control.

TecQuipment’s Academia website offers a range of over 350 different products that support training in many fields of industrial engineering.  The equipment in these ranges provide a holistic understanding of the fundamental principles needed to a career in industry.

Technical Support

Full installation, commissioning and training is available for all our equipment. This is complimented with a comprehensive user guide, so effective and efficient learning is guaranteed for you trainees.

Case Studies

TecQuipment support equipment that we have supplied to some of the finest institutions around the world. We offer training, installation and commissioning support with a team of highly skilled engineers. These are some of their stories...
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After using TecQuipment’s Power System Trainer for some time, we are exceptionally pleased with its quality, operation and functionality. It really does embody all elements of a full electrical power system with a high concentration on educational value throughout the product design. This is a very effective teaching aid for power engineers.
University of Trinidad and Tobago