Case Studies

Hanoi University of Technology

We supplied the Power Systems Trainer.

Power Systems Hanoi University Users

TecQuipment had an important visit from Dr Viet and Professor Ut of the Electrical Department of the Hanoi University of Technology in Vietnam. They were with us at Head Office to approve an upgrade to their Power Systems Trainer (PSS1), originally built by TecQuipment and dispatched to them in 2003. The upgrade was necessary due to limitations that could not be resolved on site in Hanoi.

The politics of the situation meant that TecQuipment had to make things right for these customers – down to every last detail. Adrian Wint, TecQuipment’s electrical engineering specialist, was commissioned as the man for the job. 

Hanoi University and the TecQuipment Team
Dr. Viet, Prof. Ut and TecQuipment team

The Power System was brought back to TecQuipment for the upgrade and Adrian Wint and the electrical team worked all hours to complete the upgrade before the Vietnamese academics arrived. Adrian Wint even worked at Head Office over the Christmas break to make sure that things were just right.

Dr Viet and Professor Ut were shown the improvements to their PSS1 and taken through its whole range of recommended experiments. The customers agreed and were taken for a tour around Nottingham University, Nottingham City Centre and Loughborough University. 

The following day, the visitors were very happy that TecQuipment had met all their needs and were now anxiously looking forward to using their fully modernized PSS1 to train their students back at the university.  Find out more about Hanoi University of Technology and their teaching and research facilities.

If you would like to visit us at our facilities in Nottingham or would like to discuss how we can help with your Power Systems training facilities, please get in touch with our team today.